Music Calendar

Check out the musicians who will be playing at Some Sum in the future, and who have played here before:

5/6/2014 TBD
4/30/2014 Lily and the Tigers
4/24/2014 Mid West Music Fest
4/17/2014 Some Sum Studio jam with Tanner Brethorst
4/10/2014 Stephanie Tschech
4/1/2014 Pocket Vinyl
2/4/2013 Down Town Art Party (DTAP)
1/21/2014 Jacob Grippen
1/9/2014 Know Way
1/7/2014 Downtown Art Party + Boyle
12/17/2013 Amanda Hardy with Patti Darbo
12/10/2013 Don D. Harvey (WI) with Family Lumber (NY)
12/3/2013 Down Town Art Party (DTAP)
11/26/2013 Brian K Trio
11/19/2013 Moth Mountain with Jacob Grippen
11/12/2013 Sima Cunningham with Mista Clue
11/10/2013 Jess Klein (TX) with Colonel (Chicago, IL)
11/5/2013 Down Town Art Party (DTAP) + Isaac Sammis
10/22/2013 Brian K
10/15/2013 DJ Rawfrawg
10/12/2013 Camp Wisdom (WA) with Breakaway
10/8/2013 Cumulonimbus with Kyle Johnson
10/1/2013 Down Town Art Party (DTAP) + Gravy Train
9/30/2013 F. Stokes (IL)
9/24/2013 Alex Meine
9/21/2013 Dear Rabbit (CO) with Mista Clue
9/17/2013 Kelly Blau
9/12/2013 Eddy Danger and Dr. Bob puppet show
9/10/2013 Jim Trouten
9/7/2013 Wendy Lewis and The Meadows with Adja Gildersleve
9/3/2013 Down Town Art Party (DTAP) + Kelly Blau

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